Friday, November 9, 2012

Pregnancy Pics Week 13 - 18

Well, if you didn't already know by now.... we are having a GIRL! Can you imagine? Me? With a girl?! I can barely contain myself. Mostly, I'm scared through and through. What if she's just like me? What if she's mean and moody or won't take naps? Or even good thoughts: what if she has the same sweet disposition as her older brother?

Nonetheless, we are so thrilled that this is how God chose to bless us. Not only did He provide an older brother for her, but she's coming at just the right time! March is a great time of year for a birthday (I should know)! David will be 2.5 years old and hopefully I won't have two in diapers very long. I want to start potty training in January.

Pregnancy has been going great! I'm 20 weeks and 5 days today. I turn on Sundays. So, this Sunday I'll be 21 weeks. My blood pressure is fabulous, weight gain seems to be somewhat slow and steady (I'm up to about 10 lbs at halfway through). I am still working out three or more times a week at the gym taking classes like kickboxing and bootcamp! I modify, of course, to adapt to my growing belly! But I have an overall sense of well being and that this pregnancy is very healthy so far!

Around this time with David all those aches and pains in the hip and butt started happening. They are happening again. I guess about halfway through makes sense. My belly is just now really starting to grow and my hips and butt muscles are saying, "MAKE WAY!" and spreading nicely. Ha! No one tells you how much this hurts or how painful it is to sit on the floor sometimes. Overall, I'm generally o.k. with this. I still function and ignore it.

The best part of pregnancy (after finding out if you are having a boy or a girl) is when you start to feel the baby move! I mostly feel her at night after I have put David to bed and I sit down to read or relax and watch a little tv. I LOVE just poking her and waiting for her to kick or move! In a few weeks I should start being able to WATCH her from the outside. That's my favorite!

Ok! Enough with the preggo updates right? Here are the pics!

Week 13: A Roma Tomato 

Week 13: Tomato

Week 14: Lemon

Week 15: A pear

Week 16: Avocado 

Week 17: Small Gourd

Week 17: Small Gourd
Week 18: A Sweet Potato 

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